Prospero Año Nuevo

Prospero Año Nuevo para todos nuestros amigos!

A little late I know, but we have been busy breaking our new years resolutions… well all except Maya who has resolved to work less, drink more and have more fun, and so far has been succeeding!

We have not heard any really good resolutions yet, please tell us if you have any, just leave a comment or put them on Facebook. The best we heard last year was a commitment to start wearing more brightly coloured socks, truly ground breaking and honourable I am sure you’ll agree.

What’s new in the New Year?


Yes, the decorators have been in, and the fragrance of paint drying has subsided. Soon new pictures will be on the walls and new menus produced, all ready to be admired and coated in your laughter.

Early Bird Menu

We are introducing a chance to try specifically chosen selections of some of our dishes, at bargain price of only £12, if you order before 7pm.

Each selection contains 3 tapas, which of course comes with homemade bread, and will enough food to leave anyone feeling happily stuffed, without breaking the bank.

Just ask to see the menu’s (or click on this picture), that we will leave lying around in the bar, or have a quick gander on Facebook, where the menus will be displayed.