Maya & Lawrence Recording, be part of the video…

The next big event at the original El Bareto Taverna will be a special El Bareto Session (which happens every Tuesday)  featuring your very own Maya and Lawrence, where we will be filming the whole event. Please come down and show your support, and your beautiful face may end up being included in the final film! The more people in the video the better, so please do come and join in, it will be great fun.

It was a couple of weeks ago now but we still want to give a massive thank you to all you lovely people,  friends old and new, who came to support us at the Chapel Allerton Arts Festival. Our Wooden Taverna was the far and away the best stall on the street, and we clearly had the best customers… well we though so any way!

That glorious sunshine on Sunday finished the weekend off perfectly. Loads of photos have been posted on Facebook and Twitter, so for those that missed them, here are a select few…



Don’t mess with the man with the drill…


Now we have our Taverna built we are able to do any other functions and festivals we like, which includes having it for hire. We would be able to offer our usual selection of Spanish beer as well, so if anyone is interested please get in touch.


The crowd at Chapel Allerton Arts Festival.

Still going, despite technical issues and temperamental computers, we are broadcasting our live stream on Facebook from out little place every Tuesday. We have had people watching from California, Luxemburg and Newcastle, as well as just round the corner.

Here’s another video for those who missed out, Martyn Roper performing the Johnny Cash classic Fulsom Prison Blues

Then Leeds City Stompers will get the place a tappin their feet on the 19th followed by Haley Gaftarnik, one of Leeds finest singer song writers with a new album on the way, on the 26th Feb.

Allegedly Leeds has more musicians as a density of the population than any other city in the UK, some have claimed this statistic underplays the number. With such a large university population and as well as the various music colleges, it comes as no surprise. But this means boat loads of talent bubbles through the city, and to be able to start bringing it to Chapel Allerton is a great thing.

Take the music away from the drinks offers, cheap alcopops and sticky floors of the city centre and put it somewhere where people can listen to the music, relax and enjoy the finest foods, beers and wines, and you must have a winning recipe. Of course the bands like it and are asking to come and play for us, and so do those people that have been down, and the word is slowly spreading.


Thieving Lloyd Cole letting rip! Fantastic blues, they didn’t want to stop playing, their food was cold by the time they finished!

We have had dancing and laughter; the bands handing out their instruments, only to have them played by those watching; rapturous applause, disbelief at how close you can sit to such talented people and quieter moments of beauty. As well as a generous helping of bum notes; a smidgeon of feedback and plenty of times when the audience sits in wonder, along with the musicians who have lost where they are in the song!

Without question the El Bareto Sessions are proving a big hit with audiences and bands, so much so it has caused this blog to slip, sorry, but at least it is in a good cause.

How about some entertainment tonight? Love of the Brave, a band worth getting excited about, will be playing. Just as a 2 piece, rather than a full 16 piece funk bank, our place just ain’t big enough for all of them!

Here’s a video of last time…

Those of you who have been watching the videos will have noticed a slow and steady improvement in the quality. This one is OK, but a bit quiet. The new videos are looking and sounding great. Tune in to El Bareto TV, or look on Facebook for more. Soon there will be a you tube channel of loads of the videos, watch this space…

Hasta Pronto!

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Yes, this year, you will be able to come and find us serving up meatballs, tortilla and anything else we can think of, somewhere within the Chapel Allerton Festival (Fri 31 Aug – Sun 2 Sept). We don’t know where our pitch will be as yet, but as soon as we do we will let you know.

There is no particular reason why this is the first year we are going to provide food at the festival, we have always wondered up to enjoy the music and atmosphere, so it is going to be great to be a part of it.

Highlights and Free Music

Have you looked at the musical line up yet? Highlights for us look like they are going to be watching the whole crowd bounce to the always brilliant Middleman, and then seeing Hope and Social.  Did you know Hope and Social (featuring the constantly working Gary Stewart) sell their albums for whatever you want to pay for them (which includes everyone’s favourite price…FREE), and you can listen to them for free as well, so you can decide what their worth. Click here to go straight to their website.

Let’s hope for perfect weather as it is the only extra ingredient to get you lovely people of Chapel Allerton taking an ordinary street and turning it in to an stupendous mess of music, ale, laughter, art and food. Bring it on!!

We hope to see all our friends on the street, and if we don’t know you yet come and say Hola! Strangers are only someone you haven’t met yet.

Below, Happy Red Tractors playing on the main stage at the Chapel Allerton festival back in 2010.


The quality of music in and around the whole of Leeds continues to inspire. The two Tuesdays either side of the Chapel Allerton Festival we will still have our usual session which will feature one pair of gentlemen new to the Leeds scene, who are already regulars and favourites at the Grove, and a band who have been regulars on BBC Introducing and around Leeds for a few years but who are calling it a day.

Tuesday 28 Aug it will be The Rye Smiles. Two charismatic gents singing in harmony and playing country guitar, very much “like The Everly Brothers but where all the sugar has turned to alcohol!”

Tuesday 4 Sept we shall have Tag Team Preacher. Very cool pop impresarios, who have pleased this fair city for a few years, they will be missed when they go, and this will be one of their very last gigs.

To get you in the mood for the gig, here is another video form Tue 21 Aug, when an A List gathering of members of Leeds Music Scene got together again, cos they knew they would be well fed! 6 string banjo and all… More Videos to follow…

They are queuing up to come back, and are beloved friends and customers are making Tuesday nights a regular thing down in our little bar.

If you know any musicians or bands please get in touch, if you want to join in from the comfort of your own home then you can watch online: Or of course come down and join us for a drink, or maybe even a prawn or two, and enjoy some of Yorkshires finest musicians.

I will post more videos and reviews in this blog for those who enjoy reading them.

Hasta Pronto! xx

With even just a couple of people in the restaurant you get a wonderful atmosphere, and when the bands are having so much fun it rapidly becomes infectious. And whether they are covers or original tunes they are so often compelling.

As one regular, Phil, commented “I can’t believe I am sitting so close to someone making such good music!” That was while watching Love of the Brave play, who have to be one of the highlights so far. Does this sound like I am hyping this up or getting over excited? Watch and listen…

I have played many a gig where even getting a drink from the venue proves difficult, as if bands should be grateful for the chance to play rather than the venue being happy to have the entertainment which brings people in.

Right from the first gig Pablo and Maya have insisted on treating the musicians as best as possible, some of the responses from the bands have been cracking.

“Thank you for bringing us to the nicest place in the world” – Martyn from Old Time String Band

“I wish we were treated this well at all our gigs” – Flo from Bean Train Gang

“We should be playing for a fortnight to justify food this good” – Bee from Oui Bee