Prospero Año Nuevo

Prospero Año Nuevo para todos nuestros amigos!

A little late I know, but we have been busy breaking our new years resolutions… well all except Maya who has resolved to work less, drink more and have more fun, and so far has been succeeding!

We have not heard any really good resolutions yet, please tell us if you have any, just leave a comment or put them on Facebook. The best we heard last year was a commitment to start wearing more brightly coloured socks, truly ground breaking and honourable I am sure you’ll agree.

What’s new in the New Year?


Yes, the decorators have been in, and the fragrance of paint drying has subsided. Soon new pictures will be on the walls and new menus produced, all ready to be admired and coated in your laughter.

It was a couple of weeks ago now but we still want to give a massive thank you to all you lovely people,  friends old and new, who came to support us at the Chapel Allerton Arts Festival. Our Wooden Taverna was the far and away the best stall on the street, and we clearly had the best customers… well we though so any way!

That glorious sunshine on Sunday finished the weekend off perfectly. Loads of photos have been posted on Facebook and Twitter, so for those that missed them, here are a select few…



Don’t mess with the man with the drill…


Now we have our Taverna built we are able to do any other functions and festivals we like, which includes having it for hire. We would be able to offer our usual selection of Spanish beer as well, so if anyone is interested please get in touch.


The crowd at Chapel Allerton Arts Festival.

Do we have the best place to watch the sun set in Chapel Allerton? Surely we must.  That little terrace bar, a glass of Tempranillo, the laughter from the bar. I’m excited and I have seen it before.

This is just a brief blog, just to let you know we are still in one piece. What with all the renovations on our home, and Maya working every hour god sends, it’s amazing we are still standing. And not only is Maya working all the time, but she is still finding time to play and sing, and her a Lawrence will be in the bar this evening making that fantastic music. Look forward to seeing you there.

Till next week, when I shall write a little more. Hasta Pronto! xx

It has all been a bit bonkers for us recently. With the renovations to our house, starting our digital empire and the usual restaurant frolics we have been running round chasing Gemmas tale with her.

Still got fun on the way though. We are going to have a party to celebrate the release of this blog and twitter gubbins (yes, just an excuse for a party), and have got the brilliant Happy Red Tractors to play (listen to their music and look  at their pictures of badgers here And not only that we are going to start having regular music on a Tuesday. Keep watching this space for details.

If you did not see the FREE offer on our face book page go and check it out, and join us for a drink.

Love you all xxx

Hola Amigos! Here we are, our first blog. After 8 years of hiding in our restaurant we are now telling the world where we are. Joining the 21st Century with a new Facebook page, a twitter account (you can follow Maya on @lovebareto) and now this lovely blog (click the icons in the header for our social media links).

Are you impressed? Of course you are. and there are more photos and a SPECIAL OFFER on the Facebook page.

Why do you want to read this blog? Because we will talk about two of your favourite things to put in your mouth, Food and booze. The speciality wines you all enjoy and that damn fine food Yeyo so lovingly prepares.

And most importantly. stories about you lot, our fantastic diners, drinkers and friends. The good times, the comedy and the laughs that we have in the restaurant, so even if you can’t make it out for a a cheeky glass of vino, you can still join in the jokes.

Tell us what you think, ask any questions you have always wondered to ask, or remind us of any stories you have. We would not still be here if it was not for you excellent people so a massive thank you to all our customers new and old for keeping an independent restaurant alive and kicking.