El Bareto – Cara Winner!


“Ole, ole y ole” (Thank you Tayete García Mazariegos).

Thank you for nominating us, and for all your kind words of support. Considering how strong the competition is, we did not expect to win but we are utterly ecstatic to have won.

Gotta love the photo that goes with it, although neither Maya nor Pablo do, but seeing Yeyo looking so nonchalant makes you wonder how any woman can resist.

Coming straight after that wonderful review in the Yorkshire Post, we have been inundated with praise and our ego’s are swelling! Here’s a link to the restaurant review, in case you missed it. We couldn’t have got a better review if we paid them.

But what really matters to us are the responses we have got from all you lovely people. Over 100 people have liked the photo and left us kind thoughts. We never wanted to take on the world (or Chapel Allerton!), just make a place that is fun for people to come to. Your replies make us feel as warm as the Spanish sun, Muchas muschhas Gacias xx

On top of all this we have leapt up to 16th best restaurant in Leeds on Trip Advisor, with a sudden run of reviews. A big thank you to all who have taken the time to leave a comment, every single one makes a difference to us.

Giving something to Charity

And now our chance to help give something back. Have you heard about Shaun’s Zumbathon, get sponsoring, or even better join in! You’ll get healthy, raise money, dress up and maybe win a prize and importantly have the chance to do some laughing. Go on, go on, go on, it will be fun….


Still going, despite technical issues and temperamental computers, we are broadcasting our live stream on Facebook from out little place every Tuesday. We have had people watching from California, Luxemburg and Newcastle, as well as just round the corner.

Here’s another video for those who missed out, Martyn Roper performing the Johnny Cash classic Fulsom Prison Blues

Then Leeds City Stompers will get the place a tappin their feet on the 19th followed by Haley Gaftarnik, one of Leeds finest singer song writers with a new album on the way, on the 26th Feb.

We have had dancing and laughter; the bands handing out their instruments, only to have them played by those watching; rapturous applause, disbelief at how close you can sit to such talented people and quieter moments of beauty. As well as a generous helping of bum notes; a smidgeon of feedback and plenty of times when the audience sits in wonder, along with the musicians who have lost where they are in the song!

Without question the El Bareto Sessions are proving a big hit with audiences and bands, so much so it has caused this blog to slip, sorry, but at least it is in a good cause.

How about some entertainment tonight? Love of the Brave, a band worth getting excited about, will be playing. Just as a 2 piece, rather than a full 16 piece funk bank, our place just ain’t big enough for all of them!

Here’s a video of last time…

Those of you who have been watching the videos will have noticed a slow and steady improvement in the quality. This one is OK, but a bit quiet. The new videos are looking and sounding great. Tune in to El Bareto TV, or look on Facebook for more. Soon there will be a you tube channel of loads of the videos, watch this space…

Hasta Pronto!

They are queuing up to come back, and are beloved friends and customers are making Tuesday nights a regular thing down in our little bar.

If you know any musicians or bands please get in touch, if you want to join in from the comfort of your own home then you can watch online: https://www.facebook.com/ElBareto/app_142371818162. Or of course come down and join us for a drink, or maybe even a prawn or two, and enjoy some of Yorkshires finest musicians.

I will post more videos and reviews in this blog for those who enjoy reading them.

Hasta Pronto! xx

With even just a couple of people in the restaurant you get a wonderful atmosphere, and when the bands are having so much fun it rapidly becomes infectious. And whether they are covers or original tunes they are so often compelling.

As one regular, Phil, commented “I can’t believe I am sitting so close to someone making such good music!” That was while watching Love of the Brave play, who have to be one of the highlights so far. Does this sound like I am hyping this up or getting over excited? Watch and listen…

I have played many a gig where even getting a drink from the venue proves difficult, as if bands should be grateful for the chance to play rather than the venue being happy to have the entertainment which brings people in.

Right from the first gig Pablo and Maya have insisted on treating the musicians as best as possible, some of the responses from the bands have been cracking.

“Thank you for bringing us to the nicest place in the world” – Martyn from Old Time String Band

“I wish we were treated this well at all our gigs” – Flo from Bean Train Gang

“We should be playing for a fortnight to justify food this good” – Bee from Oui Bee


What is it that makes the perfect Sangria? El Bareto has a secret ingredient, which has proved controversial, both with customers and when it was simply being discussed.

Brothers often argue, this is as fact, and chefs are famously hot tempered, so combine family relations and the moods generated by culinary passions and you have got a conversation that is best enjoyed from a distance. Suffice to say your hosts at El Bareto have different recipes for the famous Spanish drink, and they relished discussing the difference.

Historically there is no set recipe for Sangria, and it really comes done to personal taste (much like the often disputed Valencia Water, another much loved Spanish drink). If you like it fizzy then stick in a touch of lemonade, if you want it to have a kick increase the quantity of spirits.

The Secret Ingredient

So where did the loving brothers disagree, and what is El Bareto’s Secret ingredient? Well to begin with here are the ingredients they both agreed on.

  • Red Wine
  • Brown Sugar
  • Lemonade
  • Little bit of Orange Juice, but not too much
  • Fruit: Apples, orange pear peach, whatever is around (although Isa, one of your lovely waitresses would add banana, the brothers would not!)
  • And not forgetting some ice

The Secret ingredient? You will have guessed if you have tried El Bareto’s own Sangria: Cinnamon, just a pinch, enough to flavour but not to dominate.

And what caused the friction in the discussion? Well booze of course!

Yeyo says Martini Rosso, maybe says Pablo.

Pablo Says Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Yeyo says no.

Gin and Brandy? Either was possible, it all depended on how it was tasting at the time, and at what point of the debate we were.

Now of course El Bareto is proud of everything that is served in the restaurant and bar, and for people to enjoy it is all we ask. But it is great to hear when people do anything different or when they have their own secret ingredient. Maybe soda water instead of lemonade, or may be even cola. Whether you only have Sangria on your cornflakes for breakfast, or will not have it called anything other than fruit punch (!) please leave a comment… x

Do we have the best place to watch the sun set in Chapel Allerton? Surely we must.  That little terrace bar, a glass of Tempranillo, the laughter from the bar. I’m excited and I have seen it before.

This is just a brief blog, just to let you know we are still in one piece. What with all the renovations on our home, and Maya working every hour god sends, it’s amazing we are still standing. And not only is Maya working all the time, but she is still finding time to play and sing, and her a Lawrence will be in the bar this evening making that fantastic music. Look forward to seeing you there.

Till next week, when I shall write a little more. Hasta Pronto! xx