Does Yeyo sit around on park benches drinking cider?

delicious-chorizoYou know I am talking about that most Spanish of sausage, Chorizo, and the way our resident chef Yeyo cooks it. He doesn’t use some in the dish and then enjoy the rest with other gentlemen of the street late at night on park benches. That is just a vicious rumour… which may have just been started here…

Why Cider and not wine?

Of course we cook one of Spain’s most famous exports slightly differently from most other Spanish places around, but it’s what you come to expect that from us don’t ya. It is traditional in Galicia in the North West of Spain to use Apple Cider rather than white wine, and it is a tradition we continue.

Taste wise, it is just a little sweeter when cooked, and helps give that slightly juicier liquid. Of course we would be happy to cook some in white wine if you wanted us to, but why go with the standard when you can have a little bit of something special.

So does Yeyo sit on park benches drinking cheap cider? Well maybe, but that has nothing to do with the way we cook our Chorizo!