Paella recipe


Something of great pride among the Spanish is their paella recipes, Everybody has their own variations, personalisations and tastes.

Young (at heart) Yeyo in the El Bareto Kitchen is no exception, neither is brother Pablo.


Some people like it dry and crispy, others swimming in luxurious wine. If you ask the Valencians they will claim it as an identifying dish for their region, and include a variety of green vegetables and meats and, of course, land snails. We can almost hear your cries of joy that our hosts are from Vallavoliz!

Two paella’s have become synonymous with Spain over the years, and these are of course the Seafood Paella and the Mixed Paella (not a snail in sight). The seafood paella often contains only seafood, no vegetables, while the mixed contains a mix of meats, seafood and veg.

A Brief History

It was in 1840 that the word Paella was first used when describing a recipe, according to Wikipedia (and who are we to argue), the word Paella being taken from the pan it was used to cook the lovely meal.

To find a more detailed history the best place we can point you towards is of course the mighty Wikipedia, who tell you all you could wish to know. What we can tell you is how we cook ours…

Family recipe

5 Simple steps:

  1. Fry the ingredients for the base
  2. Add the rice
  3. Add the Seafood and/or meat if desired, and of course a bit of greenery
  4. Stir very well, but only once, we repeat, only once…
  5. A quick grill to make the top golden brown

Ensure you have plenty of friends to remind you how great you are and stuff your face with the delicious bounty.

Paella Base liqueur Ingredients

  • Spanish Onion
  • Garlic
  • Chilli (for flavour, although for those who like spice you can go crazy with the chilli!)
  • Red/yellow pepper
  • Paprika
  • Parsley
  • Thyme

To Cook

  • Start by preparing all you will need.
  • Fry up the ingredients for the base, and ensure the stock is freshly prepared and bubbling away
  • Fresh is of course best!
  • Fry just enough to brown and get the flavours flowing and the aroma widening your eyes.
  • If you are using meat, now is the time to add it and ensure it is well cooked.
  • Then add the rice…
  • Add the Tumeric and spices
  • Now, just as Bob Marley said, “Stir it up…”

The Magic

  • Add your fresh stock, and maybe a splash of white wine (or sherry if your feeling crazy!). Give it a good stir for a good couple of minutes, and then leave it alone, unstirred for a bout 40mins.
  • The temptation to stir it can be great, but the rewards for patience are great. If the base has been well made a given a thorough stir with the rice, the flavours will appreciate being given time to gentle simmer.
  • Decorate with a few prawns on top and give it a quick blast under the grill for colour then decorate…
  • Then it is time for pride!!
  • Serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon, white wine, your best Spanish accent and friends.

Your Turn

Now dear friends of El Bareto, it’s your turn. Cook up a storm, take a photo and post it up, here or on Facebook and let us know how it goes.

For something different, try frying a bit of Chorizo when making the base (although not too much as the flavour can overpower), or experiment with different types of stocks. If you have your own magic tips, please feel free to share them, you never know you could find your ideas being incorporated into our Paella.

Hasta Pronto!