Spanish Lessons in Chapel Allerton

Not just Chapel Allerton but in our little restaurant, with a professional teach (no not Pablo and a black board). Surround yourself with Spanish speakers, while supping a glass of Sangria, and learn in the best way.

No need for classrooms and homework, just the chance to absorb the language, meet people and do a bit of smiling.

These lessons are only £5 including your glass of Sangria.

Loads of people want to learn our lingo, but the prospect of returning to the class room puts a lot of people off (no surprise). So we think we can do something really informal, where people will learn, and laugh, and make new friends.

What better place to learn Spanish than with other Spanish speakers. It will all be very informal with an emphasis on talking rather than study, and with the opportunity for all those who come to ask for phrases to learn, or request topics of conversation. All washed down with a confidence boosting glass of sangria, you can’t fail to learn something!

Lessons will be starting very soon, we will keep you informed…


What is it that makes the perfect Sangria? El Bareto has a secret ingredient, which has proved controversial, both with customers and when it was simply being discussed.

Brothers often argue, this is as fact, and chefs are famously hot tempered, so combine family relations and the moods generated by culinary passions and you have got a conversation that is best enjoyed from a distance. Suffice to say your hosts at El Bareto have different recipes for the famous Spanish drink, and they relished discussing the difference.

Historically there is no set recipe for Sangria, and it really comes done to personal taste (much like the often disputed Valencia Water, another much loved Spanish drink). If you like it fizzy then stick in a touch of lemonade, if you want it to have a kick increase the quantity of spirits.

The Secret Ingredient

So where did the loving brothers disagree, and what is El Bareto’s Secret ingredient? Well to begin with here are the ingredients they both agreed on.

  • Red Wine
  • Brown Sugar
  • Lemonade
  • Little bit of Orange Juice, but not too much
  • Fruit: Apples, orange pear peach, whatever is around (although Isa, one of your lovely waitresses would add banana, the brothers would not!)
  • And not forgetting some ice

The Secret ingredient? You will have guessed if you have tried El Bareto’s own Sangria: Cinnamon, just a pinch, enough to flavour but not to dominate.

And what caused the friction in the discussion? Well booze of course!

Yeyo says Martini Rosso, maybe says Pablo.

Pablo Says Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Yeyo says no.

Gin and Brandy? Either was possible, it all depended on how it was tasting at the time, and at what point of the debate we were.

Now of course El Bareto is proud of everything that is served in the restaurant and bar, and for people to enjoy it is all we ask. But it is great to hear when people do anything different or when they have their own secret ingredient. Maybe soda water instead of lemonade, or may be even cola. Whether you only have Sangria on your cornflakes for breakfast, or will not have it called anything other than fruit punch (!) please leave a comment… x